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Dr Paul Moon Detox Essentials
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Dr. Paul Moon is a leading voice in the natural healing movement, combining clinical experience with compassionate care that looks at the whole person.

Watch as this renowned natural medicine doctor reviews who needs to detox and how, along with what to look for in nutritional supplements.

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Join host Matt Twine for a Q&A with Dr. Moon that highlights…

…natural ways to detox

…what to watch out for in supplements

…the superfoods essential for health

Dr. Moon’s many qualifications include being a Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM), Doctor of Dentistry (DDS) and he also has Diplomate Designation DM(P) from the Pastoral Medical Association to provide alternative medicine treatments.

Access the webinar now for free via instant replay (click here to watch) and stay tuned to the end for a special offer available through April only.